Blogging always filled me with dread.  In the vastness of the blogosphere so few have anything interesting or substantiate to say.  I’d rather be silent than say anything uninteresting.  But lately I rediscovered my passion for the business of design-focused technology.  And I just want to talk about it!   All the time!   So blogging here I come.

In this blog, I’ll discuss the process for creating great software.  I’ll also case-study a few iconic online businesses and identify opportunities for growth.  Maybe I’ll even talk a little bit about Microsoft, and where (I think) we’re going wrong.  Mostly, I want to talk innovation: how it happens, when it changes the world. 

For a little more about me, check out my linked in profile.


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  • Jamie Nordmeyer says:

    Hi Angela. I was at the Silverlight Firestarter last night, and was very interested in your eBay Pivot application. Is that available now with the current Pivot control, or is that a Silverlight 5 demo? My wife would absolutely love to get her hands on that application if it’s available! Thanks. And great job with that app and your presentation!

    • Angela says:

      Hey Jamie – Thanks! We are working on some cool stuff. Unfortunately, The eBay portion of the demo isn’t available yet, and we haven’t yet settled on a release date. But you can down the V1 version of the control (without dynamic collections) at silverlight.net/learn/pivotviewer.

      • Jamie Nordmeyer says:

        Sounds good. I definitely plan to download the control, since I’m trying to get full on in to Silverlight, but I’ll watch for the eBay app if you do plan to release it eventually. Thanks again!

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